TopBar and BottomBar are one of the common feature most android apps have.So when it comes to jetpack compose we have a very easy way to implement topbar and bottombar programatically .

First we will discuss about topbar

Create a kotlin file called TopBar and create a compose function like…

Making an image rounded corner is something which will make UI more attractive. So most of the designers will ask the developers to make that in their UI. When android came up with cardview,there was an option to make rounded corner by putting the below line in xml.



In part A of Jetpack Compose with mvvm,we covered fetching data from moviedb and showing it as a list using composable function.If you missed that article,you can find it from below

Now next task is to add a click event to the list, and clicking on an item showing the…

Dependency Injection is one of the common term most of the developers use.

Earlier in android, developers were using manual dependency injection. Later Dagger and Dagger2 introduced, which is now maintained by Google. Dagger is one of the popular dependency injection library which is available. …

This article is about creating an app with Jetpack Compose. We are going to follow basic MVVM architecture and will use Retrofit library and . And for data, we will use the api’s

Screenshot of final app

Jetpack Compose is a modern toolkit designed to simplify UI development. It is fully declarative, meaning…

If you are coming from java background, you might have used switch statements.Similar switch kotlin have when.

For conditional expression with multiple branches, we can use when in kotlin.

“When” can be used multiple ways. A simple form looks like this

1 -> println("input value is…

When I started using mac it was difficult for me to find the shortcuts,I was searching and finding the shortcuts. So here I will be updating the shortcuts which I am using in Macbook.

Hope it will be helpful for someone

  1. cmd+option+esc. — this will open forcequit application dialog box
  2. cmd+shift+dot. — this will show the hidden files in a folder
  3. cmd+option+delete — this will permanently delete file
  4. cmd+shift+3 — for taking screenshot of any screen in mac
  5. option+shift+f. — — this one is for visual studio code users who wants to format the code.

I will try to update this page as I find some useful shortcuts..

HappyCoding … Happy learning…

I was hearing about inline keyword ,from the beginning of my kotlin learning.I was thinking what is this..? Java was straight forward,nothing like these keywords ,here inline ,crossline etc…Then one day I started reading about inline.Oh my god.. it's that easy..

So I will walkthrough an example of inline function

Singleton is a creational design pattern that lets you ensure that a class has only one instance, while providing a global access point to this instance.

That means it will ensure at any time only one instance of that class is created.

We usually create singleton in java like below

Whole purpose of scope function is to execute block of code in the context of the object. When you call such a function on an object with a lambda expression provided, it forms a temporary scope.

The above definition is a little complex right? But Kotlin is basically for simplifying…

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